Welcome fellow traveler

Taking the Hero’s Journey with Glimworks

What We Do

Let’s get to the core and depth of the company.

What are we selling at Glimworks? At surface level, we create complex IT solutions in a broad sense, including the support and development around these solutions.

On a deeper level, however, this story changes. We travel together with you, as a partner, helping you on your Hero’s Journey -- and in return you help us on ours, as well as helping us to become a more skillful guide on the journeys of many others. We create alliances and partnerships that take you and other companies into the future. We go with you to the places where we can make a difference together. That does require a deep structuring of information and that’s what we’re good at.

To manifest Glimworks’ own Hero’s Journey we need to act in the world to continuously improve upon our core systems. That is what our participation in your Hero’s Journey will most importantly give us: opportunities to link more things together and to grow with each applied solution. When you dock your own story into this larger whole, you help us to develop the basis of our operations: the informational architecture.

When many dock their activities onto the shared structure, similarities and parallels become identifiable and a natural ground for collaboration projects. We and our other partners support each other when things get complicated and tough. Our work is to unlock potentials and to release your own creative spark into the world. That’s what a deep structuring of information can and should do.

As you scroll onwards we guide you through the 12 universal steps of the Hero’s Journey -- through hardship and towards a resolution. This story is supported by what has been called the Heroine’s Journey, a journey through the healing of wounds and balancing of polarizations. The Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey are two universal patterns that have been observed in myths, stories and adventures.

Viewing Information as Something More

For us, information and technology are extensions of the human being. To develop information architecture is thus, if done well, to develop human beings and their relations. This is what information technology is truly about -- and ultimately, that is what Glimworks is about.

We feel that the great adventure of our time, and of our company, is the journey through the potentials and pitfalls of information and technology. It is also the story of polarization, of information bubbles and of user interfaces that often worsen our already lacking understanding and acceptance of one another as members of society.

We must embark upon an exploration into what it means to heal and develop our pathways of communication. Can an information technology, such as the Web, be made to serve us in caring more for ourselves and one another?

We welcome you to lean back and take this journey with us. Hopefully, you will reach a point where you can see yourself entering the story -- and embark upon your own journey into the future of information.